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1884 Grangers Picnic & Exposition

This obverse on the 1884 is one of my favorite token dies. While issued here in Pennsylvania this exact die was also used on an 1888 proof Jacksonville Florida medal from the Florida Sub Tropical Exposition. But the Florida medal gives no clue either on either the obv or rev as to who engraved and created it. While Grangers met yearly from their first meeting in 1874 to their last meeting in 1916 I have only seen and acquired one other piece and it is from the 1887 meeting. I've included a picture but it gives no clue to the engraver/die sinker either. ,

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This post is more of a question than an answer...... I have been trying to find out more information about the maker of HK-611, the New Haven CT Soldiers and Sailors Monument Medal. The HK book notes the name "G.E. Fownes NY." Interestingly, around 1887, I have seen some medals/badges related to the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) attributed to this manufacturer. To complicate things, the unlisted so-called dollar related to the 1887 Burlington VT Carnival (#254 in unlisted socalled dollars) is attributed to "G.R. Fownes NY". I "borrowed" this image from John Raymond's site... I own one, but the quality is poor and doesn't have as nice of lettering.... I also found a period badge made by "R.E. Fownes, 134 Park Row NY." This leads me to believe that there was a family die-sinking operation in New York in the mid 1880s by the last name of Fownes, but I am surprised that I cannot find out more about them? including GE, GR, and RE?. Anyone out there (including GAR collectors) willing to throw me a bone ?

I am leaning to W H Warner--Philadelhia working on a 3 token overlay

Here are two more of the Granger Unlisted So Called Dollars dated 1884 1887

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These souvenir medals from the Grangers Picnic and Exhibition at Williams Grove park outside Mechanicsburg, PA c Aug 1884... about 35mm in diameter some with hangers attached. A good summary of Williams Grove park is found at

Incidentally, Grangers = Farmers (as I understand it).