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1895 Cotton States Expo

Recently bought this Frederick Douglas/Negro Building Cotton States Expo medal. It is aluminum and 38mm. Suspect this meets the SCD requirements and is very unique. edited by leaconcen on 4/27/2017[/quote Wow what a nice topical piece--I have never seen it or heard about it but would definitely include in book and would definitely like to own one!!Very nice find and thank you for sharing with all the rest of us.

Yes, it is a known medal and should be (will be) in the book. You can read an article I co-wrote with R.W. Colbert about the exposition (the Douglas medal is included) in the August 1978 TAMS Journal. Back issues of the Journal can be found on the Newman Numismatic Portal.

Same obverse and reverse dies-same April 18, 1906--San Francisco Disaster & Fire instead of San Francisco Earthquake & Fire---previously thought that came only as part of a silver 3 piece looped watch fob set---now disproven. EXTREMELY RARE!,

Reposting the original Douglas medal photo....

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