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1897 Grant's Tomb Dedication in NY (HK-278/279)

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As many of us are aware, General Ulysses S. Grant (former US two-term president) and his wife, Julia Dent Grant, are entombed in a famous mausoleum in New York City that is a national memorial maintained by the US National Park Service ( see ). This monument was designed by John Duncan (a famous New York architect) and is the largest mausoleum in North America. Over one million people apparently attended the parade and dedication ceremony on 27 April 1897. I've included some photos of these pieces as well as an old postcard I found locally in Northern California. As we all know, the mint has had many past commemorative pieces honoring Grant, including this year (2011) the US mint issuing the Grant circulating dollar as well as a gold First Spouse $10 honoring Julia Grant. Given this background, it is somewhat surprising that the So Called Dollars from the event (HK-278 and HK-279) are somewhat rare (given one million people attended). John Raymond's website list only 17 sales of HK-278 over the years (with far fewer sales of HK-278a/279/279a). The H+K price guide ranges from $100-600 and the Smallforest guide prices range from $100-350 for these SCDs. Other SCDs relate to other city monuments to General Grant. Chicago unveiled a Grant monument in Lincoln Park in 1891 (HK-759,760) while Philadelphia unveiled a statue in 1899 (HK-768). Again, sales of these SCDs seems quite rare, and the price guides for these items range from $75-300. Comparing quality, it seems to me that HK-278 and HK-768 were made by the same manufacturer given the obverse being the same on both pieces. Any thoughts on who made these? HK-759 appears to have been made by Childs Co in Chicago (which makes sense given that the piece honors a statue in Chicago). Of course, there are several opposing pieces honoring Robert E. Lee (HK-758,773,774). I've posted some of these under that section on this website. The Blue and the Gray live on...

Nice set. Are they all in your collection? or a collection of images? I love those early, high relief bronze medals.

I don't own most of the items pictured above... but I did recently purchase the HK-278 and HK-279 below, so these are in my collection.

I don't own this... but thought i'd post the photo of the original plate coin...

HK-279 back from NGC....

HK-279 back from NGC....

Bob, I sent one like this in and they really rather bastardized it. Look at 3461342-004

I looked at the HK-279 AU-58 NGC 3461342-004 (image below) that you mentioned. It looks quite similar to mine... but I wonder if the words "Silvered Bronze" are correct. I took a long look at mine, and there are hints of peripheral toning on the obverse, and given the weight of the piece, I could see that it might actually be a silver-plated bronze piece. I just had on my label "Grant's Tomb Dedication." The HK book says that HK-279 came in white metal and/or bronze. So for me, the question is whether the "silvered bronze" accurate? It might be. Or the piece might be some type of silver alloy. As a second query, under grant's bust is "R. SNEIDER, F. NEW YORK." if my eyes and glass are correct. Any thoughts on that as now I doubt this piece was made outside of New York... ? All I could find initally on this was that Rus Rulau once mentioned a "Robert Sneider, New York" as a die sinker successor to George Hampden Lovett. edited by rjesinger on 2/2/2013

HK-279A bronze on the way back from NGC....

Hi I am new to this forum here are pictures of my HK-278A and my HK-279A

Here is the reverse

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