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1905 Lewis & Clark Expo HK-333b

Another unlisted piece that will be included in the new book. Raymond lists the piece on his site as well. Trantow who cataloged the Lewis and Clark pieces years ago mistakenly listed it as 32mm. I suspect this error caused it to be overlooked. It is just over 33mm in diameter. The loops were attached after the piece was struck, so it fits the requirement that it was struck unlooped. The piece is scarce, but I suspect that me a product of it being unlisted as a so-called dollar and thus overlooked.

I am awaiting the upcoming book by Bill Hyder and Jeff Shevlin on Pacific Coast Expositions. While at a local coin show today, a dealer offered to sell me a number of 1905 Lewis and Clark Expo pieces he had. I purchased the attached HK-333b. From what Bill and Jeff have taught me, this piece was made by Joseph Meyer & Co. Apparently, some pieces were struck with "shattered" edges. I don't think the one I bought is one of them.... but it nicely shows the bronze showing through the antiqued silver plate. Anyone want to post some items from that Expo ?

I assume readers of this forum are aware of the excellent list of pre-1960 so-called dollars researched and presented by John Raymond at: I think this research is invaluable and useful for a number of so-called dollars. I've picked up a few of these items with the original ribbons attached. Bill Hyder and Jeff, I wonder if you'd include these in an updated so-called dollar reference?

An unlisted Lewis & Clark (will be in our new book). The abraded area at 6 o'clock on the reverse is a Mayer & Bros. signature. While rare, these are usually found with a slot at 12 o'clock for use as a fob. I am assuming they were unknown to Hibler and Kappen or they only saw the fob. But, Mayer & Bros. struck other pieces with mounts for fobs and without. This piece was clearly struck without the slot.