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1909 and 1913 Portola Festivals - HK-389 and HK-397

Like my other post concerning the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake/Fire with HK340-343a, I picked up this piece recently (photos below) that appears to have been owned by Jeff at some point and also relates to the rebuilding of San Francisco by 1909. In my opinion, the Pan Pac Expo in 1915 was the ultimate celebration of the rebuilding and it seems that Part II of this Portola festival occured in 1913 (HK-397 -- which I don't own). This SCD references Don Gaspar de Portola, 1st spanish governor of California. Aside from the ongoing rebuilding of San Francisco, the big draw to this festival was the public tours of warships from other countries. I find it interesting that since most of Northern California was built by Asian immigrants (they broke their backs building all of the canals in the central valley of California), they were "accepted" and celebrated in this event as well! This link ( ) seems to have all the information one would ever want on this event ! 🙂 Does anyone own HK-397 and/or would want to post a photo?

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  • HK-389.jpeg

I recently acquired an example of HK-397, although not as nice as the piece Jeff sold last summer from the Ostheimer collection. I also purcahsed a fob wiith the same design and a 1909 Portola festival small (19mm) Lord's Prayer token with a dancing lady.

That is a very cool set of the Portola Festival pieces. I have never seen the FOB. The 397 is very tough to find especially since it is a gilt piece

A few other associated or accessory items: My Harding badge is not as nice since it has missing enamel on the inner ring.

I learned that HK-389 comes in both silver and silver-plate. Attached is an image of a silver-plate version. Does anyone have a solid silver version for which they would post an image?

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  • HK-389B.jpeg

I was wondering.. does anyone know the value of this one?

Tough to give an exact number given the worn condition.... i'm thinking $50 at most.... probably more like $25. Sorry to disappoint. If you were to sell it to a collector who REALLY wanted it and was bidding against another crazed collector, it could go higher, but I would drop out of bidding after $30 personally.

Here are some photos of HK-397 which seems to come in 3 variations, one octagonal (HK-397) and the other two as FOBs, with reverse lettering (HK-397A) and without reverse lettering (HK-397B).

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  • HK-397-MS64.jpeg
  • HK-397A.jpeg
  • HK-397B-FOB-.jpg

The certification label says "EX WERNER - HK PLATE", do you know who the Werner is? Perhaps Mike Wehner?