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1915-16 Panama California Exposition

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I have notes in my file that 434 is actually a store card as opposed to a traditional so-called dollar. We have a New Mexico building so-called dollar struck by Whitehead & Hoag. The building was built as a replica of the Acoma mission. It was struck with a fob loop and without a fob loop. I think I posted an image of it here. [Yes, it is posted in the Unlisted So-Calleds category.] I also have notes on a Deep Water piece, although I have to track down the image. Again, I think this piece may be seen holed or with a loop, but it comes as a traditional so-called as well. I don't know if this is the same piece pictured on Raymond's site or if it has a different obverse. I need to track down the photograph. Raymond has two additional pieces listed although one may be a looped piece that has been filed down as he notes. edited by bill on 2/17/2013

I found the watch FOB version of the 1916 Panama-California New Mexico Building; it's damaged and bent, but at least it's not in a junk heap. I also have a photo of the one of these FOBs on it's original hangar. See the prior post: edited by rjesinger on 10.11.2017

An unlisted piece that will be in the new book: One of these pieces was donated to the ANA (now gone) in 1914. I do not know who JED might be (note the copyright statement), but I am fairly sure the medal was struck by Joseph Mayer Bros. in Seattle based on an Elks badge from 1912. The badge was issued for the 1912 Elks national convention in Portland, Oregon. The San Diego Elks were promoting the upcoming Panama-California Exposition. At least one of these badges was sold a few years ago marked J. Jessop & Sons Jewelers, 952 Fifth St., San Diego on the back. I assume it was a sticker since the obverse picture is clearly of the same badge. edited by bill on 2/4/2014

New Mexico.... photo thanks to Bill Hyder

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If anyone is interested in getting one of the 1936 award medals, see this link. This is a RARE medal worth bidding on in my opinion.

I have always been a fan of the 1915-1916 CA Pacific Expo Award Medals, but they seem to be very difficult to obtain. This one sold over the Summer... a beautiful example with the original box marked "J.F. Newman New York, Chicago, San Francisco" as well.

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I really like that medal. Where can I get one???? There are 2 things that I can add to this. Jessops Jewelers were known for their large (10-12 feet high), 4-faced clock that stood on the sidewalk outside their store. The other thing that I find interesting about the map is the mention and the location of the Coronado Islands. They exist and that is the correct name but they are much farther south from where they are shown. Far enough that they belong to Mexico. Why the makers would move them far enough north so as to include them on this map is puzzling to me.

They are rare. Jeff's is the only one I have seen outside of a picture in the Numismatist from the 1960s. The clock is interesting and likely another tie to Joseph Mayer as they made the large town clocks, many of which are still found throughout Seattle.

The 2.5" aluminum medals come in 2 different varieties.... and I wonder if there is a third...

Some photos of the exposition westgate entrance from the recent 2016 so-called gathering in San Diego

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New Mexico Piece on a Hangar.... SH 19-8 now officially in Jeff and Bill's new book.... I saw one of these sell recently in an online auction ... went for pretty good money....

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