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1915-16 Panama California Exposition

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Examples I have of


HK-427 Bronze dated 1915


HK-430 Bronze dated 1916 (considerably more scarce date)

I think the Uncle Sam on the obverse and first ship through the canal, S.S. Ancon is a great design.


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Hibler & Kappen's SCD book identified four different medals from the 1915-16 Panama California Exposition. The So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions book catalogs 11 different medals from the same exposition.

Hey what a coincidence!

I just picked this one up from the collection of Jeff Shevlin on eBay from a seller in Florida. It is still in the flip with the SoCalledGuy inserted card. Remember this one?

These seem to be much more elusive than the Bronze. It is marked as XF and I agree.

HK-426 Silver dated 1915

Panama California Exposition


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  • 1915PanamaPacUncleSamSocalledDollarHK426Gallery.jpg
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