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1933 Nevada Dollar HK-821

I love the story on this piece (HK-821) where a silver investment co (Sterling Investment Co, Reno, NV 1930-1934) junior partner bought 2,500 sterling silver planchets from Pedley-Ryan & Co, Denver CO, to be stamped with the Sterling name for sales. "Sterling's senior member and manager was away when the order was placed. He returned about the time the planchets arrived from Pedley-Ryan & Co., Denver and cancelled the order and had them returned to Pedley-Ryan & Co, which melted them. A few had, in the meantime, been issued to friends and customers for $1 each." I would imagine that a silver company based in Reno, NV would not want to sell silver mined in Colorado, but rather sell silver from Nevada given the history of the Comstock Lode, but i'm not sure about that. I also wonder if some of these pieces found their way out of Pedley-Ryan & Co. I hope to do more research on this piece, but I doubt much is left to discover...

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My dad left me a couple of these. Do you have any information on the current value of these? The amount I've been offered varies from spot silver to $600. Thank you! Very hard to find info on these.