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1960 President Eisenhower Trip Medals

I have a copy of your book. Well done. I will be recommending that pieces from this series of the appropriate size be considered for inclusion in the new catalog.

Thank all of you for your input. WW the book you refer to is just about Washington metals; this metal is not. Perhaps I'm not in the correct club. Could any one direct me to another club that just deals in non-dollar coins. Again thanks for y0u patient Roger Montgomery

No previous references or documentation has been available on these medals. I performed research on the Eisenhower appreciation medals and documented my research findings in a book that was released back in February 2014. In a nutshell, this US Mint medal series has been hidden from the public eye for over five decades. It really is an interesting story on how it was kept hidden; however I?m glad that I was fortunate to uncover this mysterious medal series. There are a total of 17 medals in this White House initiated medal series. 10 of the 17 medals should be considered for SCD classification. The medals were struck to commemorate President Eisenhower's trip to ?South America 1960?, ?Summit Paris 1960?, ?Japan June 1960?, ?Korea June 1960?, ?Hawaii June 1960?, ?Paris May 1960? , and ?Portugal 1960?. These medals were struck by the US Mint in Philadelphia ahead of his trips and have the distinction of being handed out by President Eisenhower himself or by his direction though his top military aide during the trip. The medals were also provided to individuals who were recognized by high ranking military officer or State Department official in assisting with a specified leg of the President?s visits. From the above stated trips, each medal was stuck in silver (same fineness, size, and weight as a Morgan or Peace silver dollar). The ?Paris May 1960? was also struck in 18K gold with the same dies. That leaves 2 more medals to describe. The ?June 1960? was a generic medal that was struck for President Eisenhower and replaced an initial order for ?Alaska 1960?, ?Formosa 1960?, and ?Philippines 1960?. The final medal is ?Newport 1960? for Newport, Rhode Island, the location of President Eisenhower?s Summer White House. I named this newly uncovered medal series, The Dwight D. Eisenhower Appreciation Medals (Google this term if you are interested in the book). There are also 3 half-dollar size medals (used by President Eisenhower during 1958 ? 1960) and 4 medallion size medals (used by President Eisenhower during the last few days of his 2nd term in office). One more thing, official mintage are known. As well as the number of medals destroyed just before President Eisenhower completed his 2nd term in office). As an example, see the ?Japan 1960? image (image provided by the courtesy of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum). The image of the ?Hawaii June 1960? is in my personal collection. edited by DrDarryl on 10/4/2014