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1984 New Orleans World's Fair

The 1984 World's Fair, held in New Orleans, LA, was held to promote "A world of rivers -- fresh water as a source for life." It seemed like a reasonable place for a fair, given the rich fishing along the Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans reputation for being a good host city. Unfortunately, attendance was not enough for the fair to be a financial success. Attached is one of the aluminum so-called produced during the fair. In hand, it reminds me of many of the Mardi Gras items like HK-579 to HK-581. I plan to post more SCDs from this fair under this post. Seems like the '82 Knoxville and '84 New Orleans fairs are the end of the run of fairs in America ... seems like the USA isn't paying dues to be part of world's fairs these days...

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Here is a piece I have for the TN fair.

Another potential piece for consideration is this Vatican Pavilion piece from the 1984 New Orleans World's Fair. It has small lettering "W.Germany" on the obverse at about 7 o'clock... so perhaps if it were made outside the US, it might not qualify as a SCD even thought it measures 38mm.

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Another interesting medal from the '84 fair.... China Pavillion

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This set is interesting as it has SCD redesigns of the 1884 fair (obverse) paired with the 1984 fair theme.

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