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AYPE, HK-356a

As an owner of the only graded HK-356a (NGC-63 BN) I'm curious about the other owners of this medal.

How many HK-356a's are in collections?

**NOTE** I've not been able to upload a picture of this medal to this format. Pictures of this medal can be viewed in the NGC Registry in "Tokens and Medals Sets" under Axel Ulen

As soon as I'm able to post pictures here, I will.



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is good so called to own--can you post a picture it is now easy to do so


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Suggesting picture because Tom Hoffman and the 2008 book list 356-a a silver plate and it seems strange NGC gave it a Bn designation


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billycgribbleOscar Manurestead

Sorry! I'm not able to figure out how to paste pictures on this site. I do have the pictures listed in the NGC Registry in  So-Called Dollars and Tokens & Medals under my name.

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That is a nice So Called Dollar. in your registry set it is exactly as you describe it. Going to be hard to sort out how many because according to the On-line Hoffman
reference book this is suppose to be silver so plain and simply NGC is not following the reference guide. But welcome to the forum and looking forward to more of your postings.

Bill G

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Oscar Manurestead


Should you wish to post a picture you simply:
1Put the curser on the Upload Files below this box and left click your mouse
2click browse or go to file in your system where you have the picture stored and open it--- the file picture is stored in
3 click on it and when you the push submit for message picture is posted


Thanks Billy! Your assistance as well as cataract surgery and new glasses allowed me to make out the gray lettering with the black background next to the Choose File!

Uploaded files:
  • 3099832_Full_Obv.jpg
  • 3099832_Full_Rev.jpg

very very nice