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Dedicatory Ceremonies Capitol Harrisburg

While the above piece is the official strike this piece was sold to the general public at the same dedication ceremony. 45mm Aluminum.

Nice piece in excellent condition that would appear to qualify as SCD

This piece measures 36 mm and is 90% (coin) Silver. I believe that it is an Official Strike from the Ceremony presided over by President Theodore Roosevelt on October 4th, 1906 Dedicating the New Capitol Building at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It is looped and attached to a black ribbon. I have never seen this piece before does anyone have any further information on this piece?

Here is the reverse

Here is the entire piece with ribbon

Another firemen's medal, this one from Illinois. (Aluminum, 38.4mm) IFA Edwardsville Illinois by Bill, on Flickr

Hi, I had an email conversation with the Historian of the Capitol Preservation Committee here in Harrisburg. He confirmed that this Medal is an Official Strike and was given to members of the Building Committee and also to Members of the Legislature who took part in this ceremony.

Thank you for sharing your discussion with the Historian of the Capitol Preservation Committee in Harrisburg. GREAT NEWS!

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Here's a piece from the 1906 dedication slabbed....

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