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Gold HK-1

Bidding on Heritage is up to $150,000 on this?.

Think we should start a pool as to who can get the closest without going over? I pick $220,000 plus buyers fee.

This piece is amazing, although it has some issues, I believe one scratch and quite a few edge bumps/bruises. I was the underbidder at the recent auction. We should have started a So Called Investment Pool and purchased this as a group...... just to see what would have happened.

This is the second gold piece known sold in auction. I was an underbidder of the first one that was sold at a Heritage auction quite a few years ago. I am in for the investment pool for this piece.

Final sale price: $199,750 (including buyer's premium of 17.5%)

I'm in on this bet guessing the HK 1 in gold for sale at the FUN show closes at $250,000. I was the under bidder when Heritage sold one about 7-10 years ago. It was in XF condition and was the first sold in a major auction. This is the second.


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I think one of these is coming up for sale somewhere in 2020.... but I can't recall by what major auction firm.