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HK-1010 Schornstein-4 Bryan Dollar


There are many Bryan Dollars in the series, with an entire book written on Bryan Dollars by Fred Schornstein (Copyright 2001 by TAMS). In his book, he mentioned one medal that I obtained recently (HK-1010), a 49mm silver uniface piece made by Tiffany & Co and sold by the E. Jaccard & Co (see page 2 of Schornstein's book). My piece does not have any edge markings. Per the NGC census, only 1 without edge markings is graded (an MS-64) as described in the HK book. Apparently 5 other similar pieces are graded but also happen to be edge marked with Tiffany & Co on the edge, but are still reported as HK-1010 but with edge markings? which I think should be HK-777 and 778 pieces. The Schornstein book does mention Schornstein-1 pieces with similar obverse wording and with edge marking of Tiffany & Co (7 1/2mm) and later 1910 restricts with 8mm edge lettering. Unfortunately, I don't have any good photos of the edge-lettering differences but would like to see some. I will post some additional photos of HK-1010 pieces? which do not appear to be Schoenstein-5 pieces (similar pieces missing the July 1896 date on the obverse). Does anyone have edge photos on slabbed HK-1010 or HK-777 / 778 pieces??

Attached is an HK-1010 photo....

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