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HK-1030 Panama-Pacific Elder Gold Dollar

At 19mm, HK-1030 is too large but not small enough to be a so-called dollar. Jeff and Bill are restricting the small pieces to about the size of gold dollars, 12mm to 15mm. Hibler & Kappen attribute the issue to Elder, but there isn't much to suggest that it was issued on his behalf and it is very different from any other medal that he did issue.  It was made by Kroll Jewelers.

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I just purchased a piece that John Raymond has listed as #281 on his website. He calls it extremely rare. It honors General Ulysses S. Grant and I believe that the timing of this piece relates it to the dedication of Grant's Tomb. edited by Civil War Collector on 2/11/2017

A rare HK-1030 (19mm) gold piece sold for a hefty sum in the Feb 2017 Heritage Long Beach Auction; apparently, not one was on the market for 17 years. I would imagine this (and the North Carolina PPIE State Fund Dollar) are some of the keys to owning the so-called PPIE series as outlined by H&K. The sales description references that this piece was made by NYC jewelry manufacturing firm H. Kroll & Co. and sold by Thomas Elder (around 1912). I attached the two known references I have (from the Burnie book and from an internet reference on the Jeweler).

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