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HK-125e Evacuation of New York Centennial

1. Centennial held Nov 25, 1883 consistent with Hk-125a. With the consistency of the reverse die type to many other so called dollars Official Medals many think that this is actually the official medal.2. Same exact obverse die as HK-145 Wahington Monument So Called Dollar. Clearly though as this die is 1883 and Washington Monument is 1885 two years later Wahington Monument copied the die rather than the other way around. Shows HK-125e and HK-145 obviously struck by same individual. 3. This is also 6.4 mm thick so is tied now for thickest so called dollar.4. Is white metal but with a lot more silver than most white metals and tarnish more like silver than white metal just like Wahington Monument.

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I agree that this should have been included in the SCD list. Note that this piece is also Baker 459, with 459=copper, 459a=bronze, and 459b=white metal, per page 201 in the second edition of the "Medallic Portraits of Washington" by Rulau and Fuld (copyright 1999 Krause). Attached is a proof version. Per the Rulau book, the "forceful portrait of Washington, after the Houdon sculpture, was obtained from an original hub by Charles Cushing Wright. The wreath on the reverse if the work of Anthony C. Paquet The medals were published by Warner & Brother of Philadelphia."

thank you for finishing the info on the dies off. Very informative and I didn't know this background