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HK-13 to HK-15 Pilgrim Jubilee Memorial

Nice HK-15

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I've been trying to get a nice HK-13 for quite a while, and after being outbid for the last two years, I finally got the attached piece from Stacks. I thought it was nice in the photo, but it's exciting that it's even better in hand. As Thanksgiving 2013 approaches, I felt like posting this toned silver plate piece. I also thought i'd repost the link to Bill Gribble's wonderful related post?. Happy Thanksgiving to all?. as we reflect on how this country was started?.

HK-14... also insanely nice (and sold for a tremendous sum....)  I love the design on this piece.  Wish I could get a Scovill matching piece.  This thread on the PCGS US Coin collectors forum is cool:

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Here are a few photos from Plymouth Rock from a about a year or two ago....

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