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HK-272 Fitzsimmons-Maher Boxing Bout

HK-272 Boxing Thread...

Per Bill G --- " This is one of the rarest So Called Dollars. Per Bill G, there is a strong possibility of both HK-272 and HK-273 both being R-8 SCD's & possibly R-9 as Bill has only ever seen or talked to anyone who has seen but one and that was the Ostheimer Collection one that Jeff sold. Bill was the successful bidder in that auction (plate specimen both 1st and 2nd Editions). Bill G also bought a copper specimen.  The Ostheimer piece is the only brass piece graded by NGC and no copper pieces. I am aware that John Raymond list references 0 Brass sold and 3 copper sold. Any other info on these 3 pieces?  SO--an informal survey-how many of you own either of these or both pieces or knows of anyone who owns or knows of anyone who has seen one? Jeff, have you run across any since the Ostheimer auction? Irregardless I am very pleased with this success story in my acquiring both pieces. This chocolate brown piece is nicer and more eye pleasing than the graded NGC piece. "

Now for my info -- I own an HK-272 that I only recently purchased in the 2016 Presidential Coin & Antique Auction... crazy rare without question. I attached a screen capture below from the 2016 PCAC catalogue to show  the readers what it looks like. It's at NGC at the moment undergoing conservation. I did show it to Jeff at the 2017 Token show in Jackson, CA during the auction for the Goldfield NV Jeffries-Johnson token... an amazing cool piece too which went for something around $2800. I though the article by Dave Schenkman in the numismatist ("Numismatic Momentos of Professonal boxing, Numismatist June 2015, pp 33-43) was a good recent article on this area of collecting... but it left out the HK-272 pieces.  It seems to me now that Bill G's plate coin brass piece is the rarer of the two. MI'll re-post when my HK-272 comes back from NGC, but I suspect it will be details graded... time will tell.



this rich chocolate brown is the only one in existence anyone else have one?
Definitely pure copper and not brass or bronze. definitely exists in copper. I am the owner of the Ostheimer piece Jeff Sold and it is definitely brass no comparison.

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I think your picture is actually a HK-273 similar to the plate piece in the book?


The Fitzsimmons-Maher boxing piece is exceptionally rare. Besides the one I sold in the Ostheimer auction, and the one Bob bought in auction, I have seen one other low-grade peace. All of them I believe were brass.

Sorry it took a while... here's my Fine-Grade piece... details...

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