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HK-281 Proof-66 Finest Known

That was a beautiful medal. I had stuff stolen on it's way to mw from Washington several years ago. Fortunately not of great value. It was not shipped registered but was shipped insured. I think it best to always ship things of high value by registered mail.

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I was offered this piece raw many years ago at a show. Now that I see it came back Proof 66 I would have bought it. Bummer that it is lost, but it is such a unique piece whenever it is sold again on the secondary market it will be readily recognized.

Wow, the toning, condition (Proof!), patterns in the toning make excellent finger prints. If you tried to remove them, you would most likely seriously damage the piece and its value.

If you follow the Collectors Universe Form for US Coins, you may have seen that the astounding HK-281 below was stolen out of a FEDEX box. If you see this on the market, please alert the police... it appears to belong to the member "RealOne" on the CU forum. You can see the CU forum post at this link: