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HK-335 - Pike's Peak 1906 Centennial

Acquired this piece in 2011 -- seller stated it was a proof that had been in the horde found after 49 years in the basement of the old First Natl Bank Building. Apparently this piece was first re-sold in 1956 by the Historical Society of Pike's Peak Region, Inc. Curious if anyone thinks this is correct or owns HK-339, the imitation?

This looks like a proof, but would need to hold in hand to verify. I would think the pedigree stated on the holder is probably correct. Not sure about who sold them first or why. The hoard wasn't discovered, it was pretty well known where they existed, because all of them did not sell in 1909, with the remainder (mostly) of them being sold 50 years later, 1959 during the Rush to the Rockies celebrations. Many of them had the original badges attached, and were removed and sold. You'll find the silver and bronze pieces with mounts removed, quite commonly. As far as the HK-339, Imitation version. Jeff Shevlin sold one in one of his most recent auctions. As it happens, a very close friend, whom heavily collects Colorado medals, puchased that piece, which is the best known example, plate coin in the original HK book. I own one myself, only the second I have seen, but it is in very poor condition, with respect to the one Jeff sold. Living in Colorado, I've always got my eyes on local coin dealers ,estate sales, antique shows and the like to try and find another of these rare medals.

Hi Bob, the silver Pikes Piece you show does not look like a proof to me. The proofs are very proof, in other words if you're not sure if it is a proof or not, it likely is not.

A gold-plate version (HK-337).... these don't seem too common; does anyone own one of these on a ribbon/hanger?

Fresh from NGC.... some of these clearly were on a hangar... anyone have a photo?