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HK-340 Earthquake

Top is the Non-Clock Tower struck in Aluminum. It is known in aluminum (scarce), brass (many are gilt, maybe all were), and one in silver (a low grade silver according to my specific gravity test, maybe 30 percent silver?). Bottom is the clock tower variety. These are all silver-plated (some are slabbed as silver). I have one brass piece on a badge, but it is the only one I am aware of. Note that the letter is a different size, and the buildings and scenes are different engravings. This is a piece that is ripe for reports of different metal varieties in addition to those I have listed here. The piece appears in the Joseph Mayer & Brothers (Seattle) sales catalog dated November 1906. The catalog example is the clock tower variety, so it may be the original die and it is more finely executed than the non-clock tower variety. Jeff was the first to note the two varieties.

I suppose HK-647 now has some ties to the western reserve pieces given Bill G's research....

I will sometime in the next week.

A recent photo of the actual church (with the clock!) that is in San Francisco that survived.

Bill H. I think it would be very helpful to a lot of us if you could post a large size example of the clock tower and non clock tower variety. Can we assume that all metal varieties come in both clock and non clock? Bill G.