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The easiest test is to weigh it and to weigh the copper piece. If it is silver, it will weigh more. If plated, not so much. Then a specific gravity if the weight is not decisive.

Good info-going to purchase a scale tomorrow and weigh them-let you know what I find out.

The copper is 38.10mm and weighs 16.4 grams. The silver is 38.14mm and weighs 16.8 grams. Doesn't seem like much difference.

I watched the Heritage bidding and saw that a HK-343 went for a considerable sum. I bid on the piece but the price got too steep so I have to be satisfied for now with my HK-343 details piece. But looking through things I noticed I had this HK-342A medal and so I thought I would post it here. Best I can remember I picked up this piece 5+ years ago, not sure where.

I noticed that the NGC notations state antiqued copper. I have 2 of these and I concur that they are of that metal. I used to think that they were a bronzed copper but the antiqued finish looks to be more accurate. The even more important feature to notice on your piece and both of mine is that they are of the clock tower variety. That was previously only known with the silver-plated pieces. That makes 4 of the copper clock tower variety pieces that I know of(Jeff has one posted on this forum as well).