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HK-350 Metal Variation

Nice piece. We have have been experimenting with various ways of determining the correct description of the various alloys. It is not really easy to do since copper, brass, and bronze are all different alloys varying only in the percentage of each and the inclusion of tin or zinc. The different percentages produce the different colors, but most tests that can be done on the kitchen table can't make the fine distinctions needed. They might help detect the thin gold layer of the gilt, but otherwise it is difficult without lab testing. Nice piece.

Don't know why but clicking on the TOPIC in extreme left column pulls up the pictures

.. Has anyone seen this SCD in gilt (actually very yellow with no gilt loss) doesn't appear plated because the microscopic letters are quite clear with no apparent fill.

I own HK-350 in the listed copper variety (NGC slabbed). I recently acquired another piece that doesn't appear to be copper.... brass or gilt I think. Attached are the images. I'll have to invest in a scale and metal testing kit soon I think given the metal varieties I have been seeing in many of the SCDs. Also attached is an interesting short historical sketch on Admiral Evans to add to the interesting historical information already posted.

I showed this piece to Jeff, and he said he has seen 2 or 3 over the years like this (Gilt). It seemed heavy for just copper, but I suppose it could be gilt copper.