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HK-449 & HK-450 Wilson Dollar Die

You certainly came to the right place. Are you interested in a value because you want to sell it, insure it, or? Can you share more about the acquisition of the piece? Pictures from the side and the other end of the die?

Hello all, I have a very unique piece of history that i would like to share with you all and maybe get more info. I have a Willson Dollar Die that my grandfather had aquired when he was in WWII during the destruction of the Manila Mint. I guess, I would like to see if i could find someone that could put a dollar sign on it. It is the the front side that has Wilson's face on it that is not Defaced. Thanks for your help. edited by Navysquirrel on 11/19/2011

Yes, there is a definite problem with NGC's census, at least back quite a few years ago. I have contacted them on several occasions to tell them that a So-called dollar that I had purchased was not in the census. The lady that I spoke to each time told me that they were trying to update the census, which also had some HK numbers out of sequence. She told me that anytime I found a NGC slabbed So-called dollar that was not in the census, to call or e-mail her and she would include it in the census. Everytime I have contacted her, within a few days the census included the item that I had called about. I have her name and e-mail address if anyone else needs to have an item included in the census. I can say that all submissions that I have sent to NGC in the past few years have been included in the census.