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Not a difficult so-called dollar to find. I have two of them, one graded by NGC shown here and another I am not showing but in comparable condition. The one I'd like to track down at a good price is the much more elusive HK470a. That one has an Indian and a woman with an "I Will" headband.

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  • 1933IndianHeadDollarHK470NGCms63OBV.jpg
  • 1933IndianHeadDollarHK470NGCms63REV.jpg
  • 1933IndianHeadDollarHK470Gallery.jpg
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Nice token good post

Bill G

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Here are the other known Indian Head Dollars in my collection. They are HK-470A and three unlisted. I will post in four posts since the max upload is 3 files.


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  • FDR-I-Will-1.JPG
  • FDR-I-Will-3.JPG
  • FDR-I-Will-4.JPG

Here is the next one.

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  • Ft-Dearborn-Indian-Chief-1.JPG
  • Ft-Dearborn-Indian-Chief-3.JPG

Here is the next one.

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  • HK-470A-1.JPG
  • HK-470A-2.JPG
  • HK-470A-3.JPG

Here is the last one.

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  • I-Will-By-Petty-1.JPG
  • I-Will-By-Petty-2.JPG
  • I-Will-By-Petty-3.JPG