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HK-492 1939 NY World's Fair Palladium Set

I see this set sold today for $3750 on a major auction site. Am I missing something? The value of palladium places this set melt value in the $1100 range, and while this could be considered a rare SCD, i'm shocked at the sales price. Can anyone elaborate on this beyond perhaps the rarity factor?

CORRECTION: The buying premium on the Palladium piece was $675. The sales price was $4,425. I watched on iCollector did not buy. I got locked out of the bidding before it went live. You have answered my question of whether you may have been the winning bidder as I was hoping I might get a look at it if you were. Bill G

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I have one that I bought on Ebay about a year ago. Mine is somewhat crudely made. There is a Nebraska medal that uses almost the same design.

This set was sold by Fred Holabird in Spring 2017 for a very high sum.... but the set included the original boxes (R-9) and two bidders were really going at it.  These are very rare...

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This is a related piece ... I saw one of these sell at auction in a Kagins ANA auction about a year or two ago.... this photo came from the 2019 ANA in Chicago...  also attached is a World's fair map which gives one a feel of the idea that "things of tomorrow" like future Platinum and Palladium metal uses ... featured in the metals building (just above the 'Court of Power') on the map just to the right of the center logo of the fair....

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