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This So Called Dollar is rated at R-6. It appears to me that this one of the rarest of the rares. I have been trying to accumulate this So Called for years. This is the only one I have ever seen. I know of no one else who has ever said they had one in their collection. I don't believe Jeff has one yet. John Raymond has never seen it. There was no photo in the original 1963 Book. after over a year of asking any collector to come forward with a photo for the 2008 book they were never able to obtain one. The 2008 Book was put on line and still hasn't been able to find a photo to put on-line. This one could be a photo that could finally be posted on line. It is the only one of the Alexandria Douglas County Dollars issued in aluminum. NGC has only graded one. All in all I consider it a great find and acquisition for my collection.

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