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HK-543 "Gold" Nugget Dollar

It looks like the small spoke-wheel "design" on the reverse in this photo was there to hold the glue that attached a "nugget." Interesting piece. I wonder if they all had nuggets that fell off over the years or if a number were issued without the nuggets.

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Rarer variety with a simulated gold nugget on the obverse from Tom Jankovsky's collection.

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Note the difference between HK-543 above and the HK-543A in the attached photo. Seems like both are somewhat rare given the low NGC census and historical price records. I don't know how the R-4 designation was arrived at in the book (presume from original strike records)? but the surviving number seems quite a bit lower. When I get the HK-543A in the photo in hand, i'll be curious to see if there is copper plate in the grooves on the reverse.

Just checking--was there any copper grooves when you got the one in the picture
Bill G

I'll check the next time i'm at the SD box.... in the meanwhile, here is another variant of the medal I saw in 2016....

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