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I agree that this should have been included in the SCD list. Note that this piece is also Baker 459, with 459=copper, 459a=bronze, and 459b=white metal, per page 201 in the second edition of the "Medallic Portraits of Washington" by Rulau and Fuld (copyright 1999 Krause). Attached is a proof version. Per the Rulau book, the "forceful portrait of Washington, after the Houdon sculpture, was obtained from an original hub by Charles Cushing Wright. The wreath on the reverse if the work of Anthony C. Paquet The medals were published by Warner & Brother of Philadelphia."

I have two of these medals. Always appear somewhat crude. I have always questioned if they were cast. There are similar versions as tie tacks, bolo pins, and similar, all appearing crudely created and sometimes pock marked. I've not found anyone who is good at helping decode what These are.

The Colorado Rush to the Rockies that utilizes the straight text is HK-544. It is listed as 33mm, gilt bronze and uniface, This piece pictured here is a large 38mm, oxidized/antiqued copper, has a reeded edge and uses two different dies that are the same for the obverse and the reverse. it is the only one I've seen or heard about. ,