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Hello So Called Dollar Collectors. I was the winning bidder in an Ebay Buy it Now earlier this month on the newly On Line Reference Book listing of a Silver Oregon Beaver Dollar. They have assigned the number HK-573A to it. I was looking forward to being the first to post this new find on the Discussion Forum. Sadly as it was being shipped from South Carolina to California by the US Postal Service it was stolen from the Postal Service and a sealed empty #10 envelope arrived. I am posting High Definition pictures so you can see this tokens identifying characteristics on the obverse and the reverse pictures. As there are many of us collectors if any of you see or hear of this token or are offered an opportunity to purchase please post the information on the forum.

Thank You,

Bill Gribble

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  • HK-573a-reverse.jpg
  • HK-573a-obv-2.jpg
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