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HK-728 and HK-728a and Spokane Day AYPE

RJesinger---decided to try to help you date this So Called Dollar and put my HK- 728 and your HK-728 in blowup next to each other and was shocked. So put HK-728a in so it was three so called dollars displayed. This is turning into a much more complicated issue, My HK-728a 32.40mm pretty much matches your 38mm HK-728 except word Spokane is straight rather than curved. However my HK-728 does not match yours at all. On the map side mine has no mention of Childs or Chicago. has no Calispell area at all, yours have 5 engraved mountain ranges in various locations of the state mine has none of the mountain ranges and has a lot less railroad lines. On the Apple Barrel side yours has two large periods one before the word COMPLIMENTS and one after the word OF. Mine doesn't have these two periods. Yours has a short apple stem and mine has a large apple stem. Apparently a much older version. BUT it does help us date both of our Dollars. There are probably a lot more map railroad things could be looked at but four main areas stand out. 1. On my Dollar the railway line that goes up just to the left of the L in the word lead is marked S.F.&I which stands for the Spokane Falls and Idaho Railroad. This railroad started in 1886 and went out of existence in 1898. The Spokane Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1897 so with the railroad defunct in 1898 this Dollar was probably made in either 1897 or 1898. 2. The Calispell mountain designation with one station marked. There is nothing spelled wrong and no confusion should be associated with the same word beginning with a K. This is not a city. This refers to Calispell Mountain and Calispell Lake. A Lumber Baron from Minnesota where the forests were running out of timber moved to the Northwest in 1896 where timber was plentiful and settled on the Idaho Washington border where he created quite a large lumber and mill empire. His name was Byron R Lewis and in 1896 he founder the B.R. Lewis Lumber Co. He moved to Spokane in 1903 and acquired the timber rights and land encompassing Calispell Mountain and Calispell Lake. In 1905 he formed his rail road engines in all his lumber camps into the Idaho and Northwestern Railroad Company. This rairoad had 18 miles of track with the completion of the spur to his Calispell Camp in 1905 (the earliest your Dollar could have been dated). This railroad went bankrupt in 1908 ad he moved. 3. There is a railroad marked on your token which is not on mine which comes out in the center of the space between the word TO and the word SPOKANE. It is marked Spok Intertl which stands for the Spokane International Railway which was founded in 1905. 4. This is the most important of the marked railroads on the map. There are two railroad lines marked that converge on either side of your Dollar that are engraved PAC RY. This stands for the Pacific Railway. This company was started in 1905 and MOST importantly went out of existence in 1906! This obviously means that your Dollar could have only been made in 1905 or 1906. I have a many pages list of all the railroads ever in Washington State from the 1870's through the 1950's with all their start up dates and defunct dates and buyer/mergers name changes date. If you see bill or Jeff occasionaly I could arrange to give them a copy which they could give to you if you are interested any further. Also when your researching this area make sure you are using Spokane Chamber of Commerce not the now Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce. They are two completely separate entities. If we have any So Called Dollar collectors in the Spokane area they could sure make it easy for us. ALL of the records comprising over 40 boxes of the Spokane Chamber of Commerce are located in the EASTERN WASHINGTON STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY --2316 W First Ave---Spokane---Wa--99201. 1-509-363-5313. The first set of boxes comprises the period 1897-1916. In Box 2 are 9 bound ledger books listing all the activities, financial records and bills paid from 1897 to 1909. Also in Box 1 and Box 2 are the copies of invoices, copies of correspondence, special promotions and a newspaper scrap book detailing the 1897 to 1909 period. These records are all available for checkout by the public at large and all one would have to lookup would be the copies of the invoicess, dates the invoices were paid, correspondence possibly ordering the tokens and we could probably find out not only the exact date but also how many times they were ordered and quantities ordered. If there are no collectors available perhaps Jeff could arrange to attend the Spokane Coin show sometime and look up the information for us. Anywy-appears we have a HK-728 HK-728a and Hk-728c. Going to try to post pictures of the two Dollars I have to go with your two.

Super cool information! Thank you. I will "chew" on this and post again if I can add anything.

I was scanning images for "Spokane 1909 pinback" and came across the following picture which possibly could clear up the date of the HK-728 series. There is also a pinback for 1910 Spokane apples in NYC. I don't collect pinbacks.

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