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The most recent catalog of Bryan dollars (an update on Zerbe) describes HK-777 as Schornstein 1. Schornstein notes it is edge marked TIFFANY & CO. The edge inscription is 7.5mm long. The restrike was made in 1910 and the edge inscription, again TIFFANY & CO., is 8mm long. Schornstein 2 is the same piece except TIFFANY & CO. is 13.5mm long. Zerbe describes the 1910 restrikes as having a matte or satin finish whereas the originals have a smooth or plain finish. Where Sterling comes in....who knows. The pieces are all apparently 900 fine silver. I doubt that NGC performed an analysis to determine the piece is sterling. I would guess it is an error on their part in creating the id tag.

I recently acquired an NGC graded example of the HK-777 Bryan Dollar. The Hibler-Kappen book says they have an edge marking of "Tiffany & Co." in small incuse letters, which is one of the ways to determine the difference between the original 1896 issue and the 1910 restrikes. The piece that I have is marked on the NGC label as being a 1910 restrike. It also says "Tiffany & Co., Sterling" on the NGC label and although the coin is in an NGC holder where the edge is very difficult to view, it appears to actually say "TIFFANY & CO., STERLING" on the edge of the medal, though I couldn't be certain or couldn't get a photo unless I removed it from the large NGC holder. The H-K book mentions nothing about the word "sterling" on the edge, nor is their any mention of medals possibly being struck from sterling silver. Anyone have any thoughts on this one? edited by mjkittle on 2/24/2015

Thank you for the information, Bill. Very helpful. I took another look at the piece today and the NGC label also mentions "S-2" While the edge lettering is covered with the internal plastic ring of the holder, I can sort of read it and make out the lettering. I'm pretty sure the edge reads "TIFFANY & CO STERLING." It's difficult to measure the lettering through the holder but the TIFFANY & CO part is about 7.5-8 mm long and the total of all of the edge lettering is around 16mm. I guess it's possible this may be a different variety than the two... I may need to send this to NGC to have it reholdered in the edge view holder so that the edge lettering can be seen... or I could just crack it out! 🙂