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HK-895 Good Luck and Victory by Adam Pietz in Lead

Has anyone run across HK-895 in lead before? I just picked this up from Steve Hayden as part of Rich Hartzog's swastika collection.

There are a few cataloged issues in lead and I was wondering if this should have a HK number or is it more appropriate as a die trial?

It also looks double struck around the words "GOOD LUCK" and then eagle which is neat to me.


HK 895 in lead

I was following this piece in the Hayden auction also wondering if it might have been a Pietz Die Trial before final striking. The So Called Dollar collectors I checked with hadn't seen any Pietz die trials. I am glad you outbid me and decided to make this post because I was hoping to post it and start a general discussion
among the forum discussion group also. It does not appear to be cast by an individual making a cast copy of an original piece. Your pictures are much more detailed than Steve's with the blowup. Let the discussions begin. JEFF?????????