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HK-896b Silver WW 1 Peace Medal

In the old forum there was a couple weeks of different posts pertaining to counterfeit silver plate So Calleds. An example of this piece was bantied back and forth.
Careful examination however of this piece shows a completely different Flag Rev Die than either of HK-896 or HK-897. In checking John Raymonds site he does not mention seeing any silver varieties for this HK-896 piece. Checking his 400+ unlisted he does show some additional unlisted WW 1 Peace Medals but not this piece.
I have made up an Die A Gram on the rev die differences on this silver piece and the Brass HK-896 piece.

What makes this piece rather unique is that it has obviously been used as a pocket piece and shows much pocket piece wear. If graded it might get a XF45 rating.
So the uneven wear on both sides and the edge rim show it is not a plated piece. I conclude that this is a legitimate silver piece.

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more photos HK-896b

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