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Played with my camera a bit today to try to get a picture of the edge lettering through the plastic gasket of the NGC holder... wasn't easy and this was my best result . Although it's not easy, it seems to say "TIFFANY&Co STERLING" and then some marking after sterling. Certainly doesn't match up with either the HK-777 or HK-778 edge lettering photos seen elsewhere on this site, though the "TIFFANY&Co" portion of the lettering may be a match to the style and size of the HK-777 lettering, but too hard to tell for certain while this piece is in the holder.

Research and photos all by Bill Gribble:

Robert Morris is one of only two Americans to sign the big three: Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, U.S. Constitution. Senator from Pennsylvania.

1. Richest man in America's during Revolutionary War. Richer than Warren Buffet by todays dollars. George Washington's best friend.

2. Paid 10,000 pounds to Washington's army when continental dollar devalued to '0'. Paid for virtually every bullet fired by Washington's army during war. Paid 14 million dollars of his own money to move Washington and his Army from New York to Virginia when English took over N.Y.

3. With the political influence of his best friend Washington the Congress of the Confederation appointed him "Superintendent of Finance of the U.S.A.", making him the 2nd most powerful man in the United States.

4. He was George Washington's money man and in running Washington's campaign money ran the very first 'PAC' by todays definitions.

5. In 1781 gave a gift valued in the records at $1 per year to George Washington. The gift was his lavish Philadelphia home which Washington used as the official Presidential Residence from 1790-1799 prior to move to Washington DC.

6. In 1782 with Alexander Hamilton he set up the 1st bank in the United States called "The Bank of North America". He personally backed and arranged a loan of $381 million dollars to capitalize it-- creating the first official legal Public Debt in the United States. Interestingly while never a President his portrait was on the $1000 bill in 1862-1863 and on the $10 silver certificate from 1878-1880.

7. In 1777 he wrote "The Model Treaty of 1777". The first United States free trade agreement.

8. He purchased all of Western New York 3.3 million acres for $3,333,333 and 6 million acres in the rural south. at a time when foreign ownership of land in the United States was prohibited. He worked his lobbyist magic with George Washington his friends in the government and his former Senate friends to repeal the Foreign Ownership Laws and then sold his 3.3 million acres to the New Holland Company. THUS THIS SO CALLED DOLLAR. The New Holland Land Company was a Dutch Hedge Fund of 13 individual investors who then sold sub-divided land parcels until 1838.

9. His 6 million acres in the south made him the biggest landowner in the United States and his market manipulations with the French created the 1st Real Estate bubble in the United States and caused The Great Recession(Panic) of 1797. This helped coin the phrase 'Land Rich Dollar Poor'. He was so highly leveraged that he was wiped out and was put in Debtors Prison in Philadelphia from 1798-1801. His most frequent visitor to the prison was George Washington. Again in 1799 with Washington's help, his friends in the Executive part of the government and his contacts in the Senate the "1st Bankruptcy Act of 1800" was passed releasing him from debtors prison. Another interesting fact was that one of his business partners was Henry 'Lighthorse' Lee a former Col and General in the Revolutionary War who lost his fortune and went to debtors prison also. He was the father of Confederate General Robert E. Lee who was 2 years old at home when his dad was in prison. Shows the Founding Father's had nothing on us today.

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Excellent research Bill G.  I was able to purchase one of these unlisted SCDs.

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