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Hudson Fulton Small Dollars HK-371 to HK-378

The Delorey article from the 1980 Numismatist discusses this series stuck by the Medallic Art Co as part of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration.  Anyone have examples of these in original packaging and/or more details about them than the attached ?  My understanding is that most of the original information was lost.  Is there a reason why there was an interest in 1909 in issuing these as small 15mm pieces ?  I realize there was technology to reduce larger 38mm designs down to the smaller pieces, but I wasn't 100% sure why issuing small pieces was desirable in 1909 unless it had something to do with the new VDB cent.

Also, it seems like buying these pieces should be easier given their mintage numbers, but it doesn't seem like it is on the open market...

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