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Is this a Joke?

Is this $12,000 price a joke?

Sometimes I think people just throw up a price and see if it sticks. But I don't think it is good business to try to sell items for vastly more than they are worth.

Its been listed for a year or so now. I'm not sure why the dealer persists in discounting, then returning to full price, then discounting again. You would think he would realize the price is far out of line with the market. I agree, I think it is a poor business practice.

I just bid on a Lovett 1876 Battle SCD on eBay. I bid considerably more than the current bid and more than the value of the piece, but surprisilngly was outbid at the end. The dealer then sent me an email asking me if I wanted the SCD for my bid, but without any explanation regarding what happened to the higher bid??!! I sensed a possible scam. Has anyone else encountered anything similar on eBay?

It may be a legitimate offer. Maybe the winning bidder withdrew the bid when he realized that his ridiculous bid had collided with another such bid. Maybe he bid on the wrong lot. It happens. Then again, maybe someone was just trying to bump up the final price and got caught. What ever the reason, I've accepted offers like you describe when I have wanted the piece and I was satisfied that my bid was legitimate and not a game.

A very reasonable approach-I didn't say pollyanish!! Thanks!!

There are several SCDs on e-bay in 2018 for absurdly high Buy-It-Now and/or starting Bid offers.    In addition, there are several nicer XF and AU pieces in NGC holders that are FAR NICER than the MS60-MS-61 pieces in holders (buy the coin not the holder).  I think buying directly from dealers and/or viewing pieces in national auctions is a wiser decision than some of the risks of unknown E-Bay sellers even so there are some rare deals.