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PARAMOUNT HK-738 and HK-740

Paramount Thread

Paramount Pictures thru Adolph Zukor issued 15th Anniversary HK-738 in 1926. Paramount Pictures thru Adolph Zukor issued 30th Anniversary HK-740 in 1941. What Hibbler/Kappen missed was that Paramount Pictures thru Adolph Zukor issued 25th Anniversary in 1937. It has at least two So Called Dollars. I refer to them as Type 1 and as Type2. I have attached pictures of both So Calleds. As Type 1 has the same reverse die as HK-740 but is undated I have attached high resolution pictures also of the unusual font used by Paramount ONLY in the 1934-1937 years which was used on the Type 1 as well as the Paramount Logos with a cloud base not used after 1937. I also have included a cut out section of So Called Type 1 with the Paramount Pictures Inc which was only APPROVED and formed in 1936/1937 when Paramount came out of their Bankruptcy Reorganization. I can not explain why Adolph Zukor listed 1911 for his start year on 15th Anniversary, 1912 for his start year 25th Anniversary and back to 1911 for his start year on 30th Anniversary. If anyone knows please reply and tell me. If forced to make a guess I would think it had something to do with legal problems with his partner from the very beginning Jesse L. Lasky. On HK-738 there is a slogan says "Famous Players-Lasky Corporation ; 1911-1926". Many, many picture companies went out of business in the 1930's during the Great Depression. Paramount had extreme financial problems and Jesse Lasky was forced out and fired in 1932. There were problems with Paramount going into bankruptcy recievership in 1933 with Barney Balaban replacing Adolph Zukor as President in 1936. Paramount went bankrupt in 1936. Adolph Zukor led a group and brought Paramount out of bankruptcy through an approved bankruptcy Judge 1936 'Bankruptcy Reorganization' -so Adolph Zukor had a lot on his plate in 1936-1937. The 25th Anniversary was a long (Jan 3rd to May 1st 1937) East Coast to West celebration kicked off Jan 3rd in New York City with the entire Dinner Celebration of Paramount dignataries, New York Mayor and other politicians and National celebrities. The entire affair was broadcast for its hours long dinner over a New York radio station possibly owned by Paramount. Tapes exist for the entire aired program. In early January 1937 the the Hollywood Paramount Pictures kicked off the west coast with a dinner party in Santa Barbara Calif (mostly taken over by the rich and famous in the movie business as well as mansions owned by Paramount executives and Paramount contract actors and actresses) The Type 1 So Called was produced for this kick off. The reverse die pictured is the same die used on HK-740. The die was already owned by Paramount and reused in 1941. It was produced by ACME METAL DIE AND STENCIL CO established in 1921 at 212 E. 17th St Los Angeles not far from Paramount Hollywood. They did not sign this 1937 die but did sign the obv of the HK-740 1941 die. The obverse of this 1937 Type 1 So Called is the Santa Barbara Spanish Mission cemetary and mausoleum. The towers are from the Santa Barbara Spanish Mission and what is now Spanish Mission Museum Building which was was in 1937 a private spanish colonial mansion. The mountain and mountain range with the rising sun are the Santa Ynez Mountains behind the mission and behind Santa Barbara. The water the Pacific Ocean. ,

Great post. The obverse of your Type 1 is a LA Rubber Stamp die. Jeff has an Anillo restrike example of the obverse which was the LARS die inventory. I think the image on the obverse is actually from the San Diego Balboa Park buildings.

Here is the mid 1936-37 Paramount piece.... SH 22-2.  It's amazing how far Hollywood movie studios have come since the great depression and the Paramount bankrupcy.  Some pretty rare medals come out of the great depression period.

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