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San Francisco Mint 1906 Earthquake/Fire

I recently acquired this HK-552A Nevada Medal. Although supposedly common, this medal seems to come up less often than the silver version. Perhaps they are not sent in for grading due to their low value or perhaps many are in poor condition and therefor are not submitted. Seems like many more should be graded than shows in the NGC pop report. Go Figure.

I was at the Old Mint Coin Show today and took some photos of some of the exhibits. One exhibit discussed how the Old Mint survived the 1906 Earthquake. The Old Mint was designed to "float" on its foundation during an earthquake, rather than "shatter." This design helped the mint (and it's $200 million in gold [worth more than $6 billion today]) survive the Wed Apr 18 1906 earthquake practically undamaged. The mint also had "fire-proof" construction with iron window shutters. Treasury department employees used water from the mint's underground aquifer to keep the building wet during the ensuing fires following the earthquake. In the aftermath of the quake and fire, the Mint became a relief center, providing clean water as well as being the only functioning bank and relief fund center for the city of San Francisco. Many historians believe that the survival of the Mint saved the San Francisco economy (and perhaps a key component of the national economy).