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Silver/Gold Plate State Fund SCDs

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Thread on silver and gold-plate state fund medals for the PPIE

I'm going to post photos of the silver-plated or gold-plated state fund SCDs on this post. I start with HK-405A and HK-406A which I own. Please join in if you have 'em...

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North Carolina, silver plated.. sold in 2010 Ostheimer auction...

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  • HK-410A-Ost.jpg

South Carolina, Silver Plated

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  • HK-412a_3.jpg

Bill H reminded me to include an HK-420 Four Portraits SCD... silver plate

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  • HK-420.jpeg

This beautiful item is a silver-plated California State Fund Dollar...

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  • HK-414-Silver-Plate.jpg

HK-409b Gilt... gold plated I believe.

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  • HK-409b.jpg

HK-409, bronze. Most bronze pieces I have seen are dark bronze. I have not seen a gilt 409b that I remember. I have seen one picture of a 409b and the gilt seemed to be a darker gold, antiqued color as opposed to bright gold. This piece has a yellow patina, not unlike a gold wash, but still bronze. edited by bill on 12/29/2012

I was looking through my PPIE SCD collection today, and I noticed something I had been told exists ... a seemingly distinct red color difference on several of the SCD state fund pieces I own. Specifically, the Mississippi HK-408 and the Montana HK-409 seem to have two very distinct red patina color differences. Bill H mentioned in a recent post on this site that there were different types of coatings applied to several SCD in some series resulting in different reds, and it's interesting to see this in person. One of my Mississippe HK-408 pieces has a rich, thick deep red color while my other seems to a thinner red coppery color. The same is true for my two Montana pieces (image below - I tried to balance the colors as close as possible to what I see in person when looking at these pieces). Montana is interesting as there is the third gold/gilt piece (HK-409b) known to exist. I realized also that, unless you happen to own 2 or more SCD of the same HK number, this might never be something a collector notices, but visually it's quite apparent to me now. I think this is an extrapolation of the article recently published by Jeff and Bill w.r.t. the different types of the official medals (HK-399-401). I am now thinking that many of the SCD from the PPIE state fund series might be found with a variety of red finishes, as well as possibly in both silver and gilt coating. This really expands the potential possibilities for collecting this series in the SCD family. edited by rjesinger on 3/9/2013

HK-409a Silver Montana. The auction census over the past few decades on this piece seems pretty low, so I have to believe the R-4 listing in the SCD book is totally wrong. I would think R-9. Please post if you think I am in error. edited by rjesinger on 6/16/2013

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