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Soil Conservation Society HK-574a White Metal

I have seen several HK-574 pieces over the years, but in the recent 2015 Stacks auction, I saw a white metal version (HK-574a) -- image attached. I was not aware this piece came in white metal. Congrats to the new owner ($620 later...) I was interested in this piece but too rich for me... edited by rjesinger on 2/14/2015

Don't often see an MS-67 at that price

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Hi Jeff, Received the 337 today and let me tell you, to a really rough week, this has truly been a remedy. I am 110% satisfied with the purchase. In your note within the package, you mentioned the specimen having great eye-appeal. Whoa, boy, you weren't kidding. For an AU-58, the piece is lustrous, brilliant and has almost a "proof-like" feel to it when comparing the fields vs. the devices. I can see why it's a 58 with the handling/contact marks and minimal wear, but nonetheless, the brilliance of the specimen "literally" outshines anything distracting. For the grade, I think it is top-notch and for a specimen so rare, I am thankful I reached out to you initially because not only was I able to obtain the two rarest SC$1's of the Pike's Peak Centennial series (HK-335;337), but I have a feeling this is the start of a great business relationship as it seems you have in your possession many rare specimens most don't have or simply can't acquire. So again, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to purchase the 337, that really means a lot that of the 4 known problem-free "graded" specimens by NGC, you felt comfortable selling one to me, and at a discount when I know you could have made more. I'll reach out again come tax-return time in the hopes of purchasing something new. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying the newest addition to my collection.

To all the readers... beware of buying any white metal or aluminum HK-574.... I think someone either found a horde of them or has the dies and had a bunch restruck.   The number of restrikes could be in the 100s to 1000s.... watch out....