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Spam on this site

Due to past Russian SPAM on this page which has occurred at least twice in the last month, I cannot continue to post on this site - I do not feel safe! - I am deleting this site until efforts to secure this Site is properly protected.

Please enact protection to this site!

I spoke with Jeff... he is contacting his site administrator

Oscar, I am disappointed that you no longer want to post on the So-Called Dollar Discussion Page. There was a post on my site made by a spam person. It was promptly deleted. Spam is unfortunately our global reality. You get spam phone calls, spam in your mailbox, spam email. Forum spam is no different. It's prevalent, and we are currently taking automated approaches to combat it, but at the end of the day it all boils down to requiring frequent human moderation to keep things running clearly. There is no security issue here. Do you delete your email, account when you get a spam email message delivered? I appreciate your concern but it is purely emotional and factually baseless. Every forum on this planet deals with spam.