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Top Ten SCD's

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Excluding gold pieces which are rarely seen and not something most could afford I would say the following would be good candidates for top ten status. I did not base it on rarity but rather overall importance to collectors of the series. Of course with so many to choose from this is a difficult task. HK1000 HK2 HK12A HK 19 and 20 HK136 HK206 HK308 HK449 Any Lesher Dollar

I like your picks, the only one I really question is HK 206, it is cool but not in my top 10. I call HK 206 the Amazon Queen. I certainly include 12A, 136 and 308. I refer to those three as the three kings, all are really rare and popular. What about the Lexington Centennial HK 16 or the Wells Fargo HK 296 or a Bryan Dollar?

I like the grinning bear on HK 417/418 and the dancing bear on HK 397, but then again that's my personal taste.

That should have been 296 not 206

Well when I think of the greatest So-Called Dollars I think of the gold Erie Canal of which there is only one known and the gold Wilson with 4-5 known, or the gold Lexington with only 4 struck in proof. I also really like any silver Centennial pieces (other than the official medal), all of which are exceptionally rare and seldom seen, such as HK 23,

I have to agree that the Wells Fargo (HK-296) captures "Americana" in many ways. I think part of the enjoyment of SCDs is the history, location, and meaning in some of the pieces. Jeff, i included photos of the fantastic HK-296 piece you sold me. 🙂

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Of course the gold pieces would have to be in the top ten, but are so rarely available that its tough to really consider them. How about some of the more available gold pieces like HK-554 or HK-511? At least these are seen once in a great while.

I personally also like the HK-294/295, HK-471, and HK-672 for their artistic value...

I'm considering the question more from the perspective of "10 HKs to Represent the Collection". This would suggest to me the collection's impact in terms of history and art. If I added one other factor, it would probably be ones that are realistically available in MS61 or so condition. HK 18 Battle of Lexington $125.00 HK 169 Chicago Dollar $75.00 HK 289 Pan-American Exposition $65.00 HK 452 U.S. Sesquicentennial Exposition $55.00 HK 465 Ford Dollar $45.00 HK 491 World's Fair Dollar $150.00 HK 498 California Gold Discovery Centennial $125.00 HK 535 Alaska - Hawaii Statehood $45.00 HK 720 Gasparilla Pirate Festival $45.00 HK 915 United Nations Pledge Medal $45.00

My list would be: 1) HK449 (or 450 or 1031) Manila Mint Opening 2) HK12 (a, b, or c): 1869 Pacific Railway Completion 3) HK399 (or 400 or 401): 1915 Panama Pacific Expo Official Medal 4) HK287 /288 / 289: 1901 Pan American Expo Official Medal 5) HK398 (or 398a, 398b, 1029): 1914 Panama Canal Completion (& Transit) 6) HK281 (or 282, 283, or 283a): 1898 Trans Mississippi & International Expo 7) HK172: 1892 Ferris Wheel / Standing Female Chicago Day Dollar 8) HK667: 1917 Catskill Aqueduct Completion 9) HK903: 1920 Saviours of Liberty (WW1 Victory) 10) HK467 or 468: 1933-1934 Greenduck Dollars (at the Century of Progress Expo) Cutting that down to just 10 was harder than I thought it would be. Here are a few honorable mentions that almost made the list: 11) HK375 (or 376, 377, 378):1909 Robert Fulton $1 Gold or Gold dollar size medals 12) HK471a: 1933 Italian Airpower at the Century of Progress Expo 13) HK487 (a,b,c, or 488, 489, 490, or 1033): 1939 Charbneau Dollars 14) HK145 (or 145a): 1885 Washington National Monument 15) HK324 (or 324a): 1904 USS California Launching 16) HK876 (or 876a): 1905 Denver Mint Opening 17) HK478: 1939 EE Hensle / Golden Gate (literalist) 18) HK306 (or 307): Octagonal Louisiana Purchase Souvenir or Admission 19) HK1021a: 1900-1901 Lesher Dollar engraved with archaic business title "Druggist" 20) HK759 (or 759a): 1891 Ulysses S Grant Chicago Monument 21) HK651 (a or b): 1904 Atlantic City 50th Anniversary Huh. I've only got about half of those in my collection. This was a handy exercise in refreshing my to-do / wish list!

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