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Unlisted New Monte Cristo mine medal

Weber had three New Monte Cristo Mine medals in his collection; the one sold in the "Weber Auction" in 2008 had superior surfaces and was graded MS-63.

I was looking up this piece on the internet to see what I could find. There is actually quitwe a bit of info. The following was from Holabird Kagin Americana: "Obv.: (pictorial dancing bear) C.C. Julian; rev.: New Monte Cristo / (pictorial pick and shovel) / 1927. Commemorating the reopening of the New Monte Cristo mine (near Wickenburg, Arizona), by C.C. Julian. A notorious 1920s oil company and mining promoter, Julian presented these medals to prominent investors in his schemes. 41mm, EF condition, marked "sterling" on bottom edge." No question in my mind about it's so called dollar status.

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I have been trying to learn more about "slugs" and their associated medals (as above). I recently contacted Tom Jankovsky and was able to purchase an electronic copy of his guide to $50 slug facsimilies. If you are interested, it's the one advertised on the 3rd-to-last page in the second edition SCD book by H+K. It's a very nice guide to this area paralleling So-Called Dollar collecting. I think the above medal is listed in his guide as a 1927 Silver J927 medal. He states that the old Mote Cristo mine is one of the oldest mines in California. It's easy to find information about it through google.

All of these silver or silver over lead... there is also a tie in, although indirectly, to quite a few famous people, involving this rampant bear New Monte Cristo Mine Medal, and the Julian character that floated stock in the company. It seems that this Julian guy was feeding at a famous restaurant after major booze drinking, and encountered Charlie Chaplain - the ex husband of one of the women in his dinner party. He went over and slugged Charlie in the eye, while Charlie was sitting in a chair and had no idea there was any problem..... Charlie got up and even though smaller, proceeded to left right, left right Julian to the ground, and when Julian got up, Charlie knocked him down again. At this point, Julian's brother jumped Charlie, and Charlie then proceeded to smack the brother around. Also, Charlie Chaplain ended up marrying another famous lady - younger by a generation, by the name of OONA O'Neill, who was the daughter of the famous author, Eugene O'Neill. It turns out that another author, J.D. Salinger, was very attracted to Oona, and wanted her to be his soulmate (wife?)..... but Oona chose Charlie..... Oona went on to have 8 children with Charlie Chaplain, and J.D. Salinger later said of Oona, "Oona takes care of Oona", a somewhat bitter statement. So, here we have a medal that is caught up in history, involving stock fraud, mining, famous authors, and silent movies. (edited by Spencer on 1/7/2015)

A very cool medal. I think there was one in the Weber collection.

Attached is another Monte Cristo Mine medal.... these are quite heavy in hand... nice design...

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Congrats Howard! I love this peace... it's on the border between the Slug Facsimile world/collection and so-called dollars.

This item sold for a good price this week in the Holabird-Kagin Auction..... (Aug 2013).... not sure if everyone realized the medal was paired with the certificate. The medal looks to be in outstanding condition... and comes with a certificate.... great item from the C.C. Julian Era of the Los Angels Swindle....

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I haven't posted anything for quite awhile, but finally found one of these "rampant" bear New Monte Cristo Medals, it is raw and looks to be at least AU, I purchased it from a local dealer's private collection, and he told me he was doing me a favor letting me have it..... It is an emotional medal in hand. Howard edited by Spencer on 12/11/2014

I think Jeff has (or had) one of these in his sale list in 2019... not sure if it sold fast...