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Unlisted PPIE State Fund Exonumia

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Not sure I have a good answer to this. The HK-425A was probably slabbed longer ago. If a potential SCD can be found in a reference (for example, Malcolm Storer's "Numismatics of Massachusetts") then this can be referenced on the slab. I know the current section lead of Medals and Tokens at NGC can slab something if a reference can be found (but NGC usually needs to buy/have the book). I'm not sure if NGC uses expert consultants like Jeff, but at some point, clearly the lead research people at NGC felt like certain items could be slabbed, but I have personally found that things seems somewhat strict as of late for getting things slabbed.

Well now that Jeff and Bill's new book it out (with the pocket price guide), there are all sorts of additional state fund pieces in different finishes and gilting to look for.  I also think it's cool that this small gold piece (SH 18-34) is in the mix... which i'm assuming is a California piece per sae.

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