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Washington Medals Donated to ANA

In November 2019, the Baker collection of Washington medals from the PA Historical Society (in Philadelphia) was auctioned by Stacks-Bowers.  The majority of the lots were bought by a single buyer -- Mr. Dwight Manley.   He recently donated his entire Washington collection to the American Numismatic Association (ANA) in Colorado Springs.  Since there are a significant number of so-called dollars that are also in the Baker collection, these items will not be able to be seen at the ANA.

ANA Money Museum Receives Important Donation of George Washington Medals From Dwight Manley

If you have an interest in Washington medals, the 2016 two-volume book Medallic Washinton is worth buying to have in your library, particularly as it augments the SCD collecting library.  Please note that the MegaRed books also now have SCDs catalogued by Jeff Shevlin, with the 7th edition having the 1876 Centennial Expo medals.  Happy collecting !