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Where to get Unlisted SCD's slabbed?

After reading related entries concerning having unlisted SCD's slabbed and graded, I'm very wary to trust any grading service grade my unlisted Alaska Yukon=Pacific Expo SCD's. NGC stated in an email they have no plans to utilize Jeff's "SH" improved system for West Coast Exhibitions - Will any other grading service use the new system and is it worth waiting for Jeff's improved labeling sys.?

And, How will each Grading Co. label my unlisted So-Called Dollars... Just by a name and date... or how? I have no intention of wasting my money on a generic title but wish to have them honestly labeled as to not need the graded medals need further reclassification and new encapsulation and enhanced description.

Any hints, suggestions and comments will be warmly devoured and utilized. Thanks in advance!

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