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World's Columbian Exhibition Original Packaging

I also recently saw this metal box/stack with a several WM and bronze WCE SCDs....

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  • WCE-Palace-Set-3.jpg

Thought this set would be of interest to all.

It seems odd to me that three bronze medals and one aluminum would be packaged together in one coin box set. I have the coin box and I have seen a few of the coin boxes but they have always been empty.

That is cool. First time I have seen a box for these medals. It makes sense they were sold in a set, but it is new to me.

This HK-222 with original box (red top... partially torn/material lost) was a neat item at the 2013 National Token Show in Reno, NV.

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I suspect it is not an original set, although they may have been marketed differently in Chicago from how they were sold in SF and St. Louis. SF had only the aluminum set sold in an aluminum case with a paper label. In St. Louis, a different company sold aluminum sets in the aluminum cases and brass sets in brass cases. Lauer also had a building set, but I have never seen a case (and the medals are not common either).

BTW there are die varieties of the HK-176 flags, so I thought i'd post it...

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  • HK-176-Different-Flags.jpg

Another HK-222 in it's original box....

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I was told the six-sided pieces like HK-237D were meant to be box tops.... so here's one....

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  • HK-237D-Box-Top.jpg