Long Beach Coin Show

Jeff Shevlin · July 17, 2018

I will be attending the Long Beach show. See me at table #742. Unfortunately it is a very poorly managed show, but I have too many customers in Southern California so I have to attend.

I have been setting up for over 20+ years at a table in the back of the show. For 10 years I have requested to be relocated to a table in the front of my section. Earlier this year, 2022, there were six tables I requested to have that were in a better location. They filled all six with other dealers, none of whom have been there as long as me. Obviously the show is badly mismanaged which explains why it has deteriorated so much this past five to ten years. I incorrectly assumed, like for every other well-run show in the U.S., that I would eventually get moved up. An incorrect assumption on my part.