So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 5/23/2018

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Below is my most recent Fixed Price List for May.

Bill Hyder and my newest book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” will be ready to go to print very, very soon. Along with the book I have a price guide that coincides with the medals that are in the book. I also have seven different varieties of medals that were minted to commemorate the book. The book will have two different versions, a regular full color hard bound version and a special limited collector?s edition full color hard bound version that will have a new So-Called Dollar embedded in the cover of the book. The regular full color hard bound version will sell for $59.95, the special limited collector’s full color hard bound version will sell for $149.95. If you want to purchase both versions they will be discounted to $199.95. The Price Guide will sell for $19.95.

I will be at the Long Beach Show FUN show in June 14th – 16th. I hope to see many of you at that show.

Remember, customers who provide me their “Want List” get first opportunity to acquire new purchases. About 30% of my new purchases never make it to my Fixed Price List because they are pre-sold to collectors who have provided me their “Want List“.

I have some exciting news to share:

Mega IV RED BOOK 2019 edition was just released April, last month. They list for $49.95 and I am selling them for $38.00. The 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition So-Called Dollars are included in this edition, a must for all So-Called Dollar collectors. I only have a few left at this price.

HK1NGC 624980Erie Canal with original box in good shape. Heritage sold NGC 62 on 9/17 for $5280,
42 Erie Canals graded, only 2 finer
HK10BNGC 63 BN1350Bill Weber Collection
HK11CNGC 64 RB2850Heritage sold NGC 64 RB 6/16/14 for $3055
HK15NGC 63375
HK15ANGC 65 DPL575Jeff Shevlin Collection, TOP POP, only 6 certified
HK19BU 251976 Bicentennial Restrike
HK20NGC 62395
HK41AU185BU with light pestering
HK120NGC 65 BN82522 graded, only one finer
HK120ANGC 501650Rare SILVER, only 5 certified
HK120AAU1650Silver, Morgan design, only 5 certified
HK125NGC 65 DPL725Near TOP POP, only two finer
HK125NGC 61245
HK125BNGC 661250Near TOP POP, only one finer
HK125CPCGS 645900TOP POP, rare SILVER, only two others certified
HK133DBU 495Nice toning, only 6 certified
HK135BNGC 646500TOP POP, rare SILVER, the only one certified
HK136NGC Proof 646250Near TOP POP, rare SILVER, only one finer in 65
HK136NGC Proof 624500Rare SILVER
HK140NGC 63245Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK140NGC 62245Jeff Shevlin Collection, Rare not holed
HK144AU225Counter stamped O.S.F. on the reverse
HK157NGC 63195Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK171NGC 63160
HK213NGC 61495Jeff Shevlin Collection, only 2 certified, holed
HK213ANGC 63 BN345
HK222NGC 63 DPL395Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK249NGC 64225
HK249NGC 61225Rare not holed
HK283NGC 66475Near TOP POP, 141 certified only 4 finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK296NGC 621275
HK299NGC 63235
HK299CH BU235Proof like!
HK301NGC 64 RB270Only 2 RB finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK304NGC 63125Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK315NGC 63 PL165Only 1 PL finer in 64, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK325NGC 65650
HK341BU 175
HK355ICG 66 RB235
HK360BU 2951/4 DWT
HK360CH BU3851/2 DWT
HK398CH BU195
HK399NGC 651275Jeff Shevlin Collection, includes original envelope of issue
HK399NGC 64975Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK399ANACS 64975
HK399CH BU750Golden amber toning
HK399NGC 61475Jeff Shevlin Collection, looks CH BU
HK400NGC 64 BN275Jeff Shevlin Collection, statuary bronze
HK400NGC 64275Jeff Shevlin Collection, bright bronze
HK400NGC 63215Jeff Shevlin Collection, bright bronze
HK400BU89Bright bronze
HK401NGC 65465Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK404ABU 195
HK406NGC 64 BN265
HK409NGC 64 BN175
HK412CH AU235
HK414NGC 64 PL295Heritage sold NGC 64 DPL 6/16 for $1,410
HK414NGC 63255Heritage sold NGC 62 for $470
HK414NGC 62225Ostheimer Collection, Heritage sold NGC 62 for $470
HK426NGC 62335
HK468NGC 63475Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK471ANGC 63 BN325
HK474NGC 64 PL105
HK479NGC 64135
HK481NGC 6559Jeff Shevlin Collection, Type III
HK482NGC 6485
HK484NGC 6685
HK486NGC 65145
HK486NGC 64130
HK490ANGC 66395TOP POP, the only one in 66, PLATE COIN in West Coast book, JSC
HK490ANGC 63285Bill Weber Collection, PLATE COIN in Hibler & Kappen book
HK497NGC 65235
HK506NGC 63385
HK515GEM BU145
HK527NGC 6485Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK553NGC 6487523 certified, only 7 finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK575NGC 66525
HK582NGC 67145
HK591NGC 61 PL575Only 5 certified, one PL finer is 62 PL, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK600AU275Unlisted in copper
HK602NGC 62 BN445Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK606GEM BU450
HK606CH AU195Hairlined reverse
HK623NGC 53165
HK673CH BU175With RWB ribbon attached
HK678NGC 67295TOP POP, next finest is 65, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK687NGC 67695Yellow, holed as all were made
HK687NGC 66595Yellow, holed as all were made
HK687NGC 65495Yellow, holed as all were made
HK687NGC 64425Yellow, holed as all were made
HK687NGC 64535Orange, holed as all were made
HK687NGC 63495Orange, holed as all were made
HK687NGC 64225Blue, holed as all were made
HK690NGC 64250Near TOP POP, finest is 65, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK700NGC 6575
HK705NGC 6495Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK718NGC 65 PL145Near TOP POP, none graded finer than 65 DPL, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK724CH BU 149
HK725BVF265Silver, only two certified
HK741NGC 65115Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK767NGC 62395
HK820BU 625
HK821AU395Sterling Investment Co., Reno, NV
HK821Good65Cleaned, Sterling Investment Co., Reno, NV
HK852ANGC 67 PL375Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK832CH BU 325
HK835NGC 66285
HK870NGC 65225WOW toning, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK870GEM BU215
HK870BU 115
HK870NGC 6195WOW toning, Jeff Shevlin Collection
1858NGC 661250Cal Gold Token Indian – Wreath Type, Octagonal Indian bust facing left
1904NGC 65525Fleur De Lis 1/2 H 61-330 14 stars
1939NGC 67235Unlisted Bronze New York World’s Fair, Czechoslovakia Freedom

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